Sara's Gardens no longer maintains a Brick-n-Mortar store. This is the original web site containing information about Walpole Wonder 'WW' fertilizer,
Root-Ball Special ‘RBS’ and Miss Kirby's KommonSenseTips designed for SE Florida,
the only subtropical climate in the continental USA and other subtropical regions of the world.
Plants are plants and the only difference in planting and maintaining plants that ARE NOT in a subtropical regon is:
1) Fertilize spring thru Fall – whatever your region’s timing for feeding, and
2) Mulch up before winter to prevent winter kill and remove the mulch in the spring.
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Miss Kirby's KommonSenseTips for
Establishing and Rehabilitating Plants

Here’s the Walpole Wonder method of successfully establishing new exterior plants.

Correct Watering

for the first week, water the entire mulched area, including leaves, every day, (by hose, irrigation system always set at 60 minutes, or by Mother Nature). for the second week, water every other day, and for the third and fourth weeks, water every third day. To confirm that the water is wetting the soil below the existing root ball, take a shovel straight down into the ground at the edge of the bed, wiggle it, pull it out, then put your hand to the bottom and feel for moisture.

By week 4, new growth should indicate that the plant is settled in. Once the plant is established, water every other day during the summer, with your irrigation system set at a minimum of 60 minutes. Mist in the afternoon if plants wilt. During the winter, water every 3rd to 5th day. Water according to soil conditions. If Mother Nature does not give a deep soaking rain in 10 days, run your irrigation system for two hours. Deep watering followed by allowing the ground to dry down to the bottom of the root system makes deep roots.

Proper Fertilization

Newly installed plants are like small children and need frequent small meals, once a month is optimum, at least every two months. They do not have the food gathering system (roots) nor food storage area (cambium layer) to utilize large quantities of food or store it. Feed a high quality balanced fertilizer (N-P-K analysis of 9-9-9 or 10-10-10) with high minor elements. Our Walpole Wonder “WW” was specifically designed for our area to “feed it all” from grass through palms and trees. It will even maintain acid loving plants, with regular use. Most who try it won’t switch. Apply under mulch or water into existing mulch. WW is all granular, no dust, so slow release. Larger pieces break down slower than smaller ones.

Proper Disease Control

Plants are living entities and like all living things sometimes get sick. Newly installed plants need to be checked daily for the first week and then weekly. If any sign of disease becomes evident, it needs to be diagnosed and then treated with the proper remedy to eradicate the disease.

NOTICE: Sara's Gardens was located a 4630 W. Lantana Rd., Lake Worth, Florida for over 30 years - MissKirby and Krew is VERY SORRY it’s closed.
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