Sara's Gardens no longer maintains a Brick-n-Mortar store. This is the original web site containing information about Walpole Wonder 'WW' fertilizer,
Root-Ball Special ‘RBS’ and Miss Kirby's KommonSenseTips designed for SE Florida,
the only subtropical climate in the continental USA and other subtropical regions of the world.
Plants are plants and the only difference in planting and maintaining plants that ARE NOT in a subtropical regon is:
1) Fertilize spring thru Fall – whatever your region’s timing for feeding, and
2) Mulch up before winter to prevent winter kill and remove the mulch in the spring.
Welcome to Miss Kirby's KOMMON SENSE TIPS! Helping you plant, grow, maintain, and nourish happy and strong plants, flowers, and grass!Sara's Gardens Ocala, FL - Walpole Wonder WW Fertilizer
Sara's Gardens - Home of Walpole Wonder WW Fertilizer. The one food to feed it all!  
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Welcome to Miss Kirby's® KommonSenseTips!

...helping you plant, grow, maintain, and nourish happy and strong plants, flowers, and grass!

We are a 'FULL SERVICE' nursery. We grow a full range of common plants, from annual flowers and ground covers, bushes large and small, trees and palms; and have the exotics too - Orchids, Bromeliads, Citrus, and Rare Tropical Fruits and J&P roses. We accompany this variety with silks for silktiorscaping, deco containers and baskets, gift certificates, soil, medicine. [ read more ]

Plants are Plants.

As plants are plants, these tips and techniques about establishing and maintaining plants, fertilizing, and other planting tips hold true worldwide, EXCEPT if you live in a seasonal region, you must mulch up for winter, remove the mulch in the spring and if you are below freezing on a regular basis don't fertilize until spring. 

A fertilizer that can feed everything?

In the early 1980's I was going crazy trying to feed our nursery plants and clients' plants with 15 different kinds of fertilizer. I wanted a food with which I could feed everything: plants, grass, palms, trees.

Fertilizer expert Jeff Durston and plant doctor Lynn Griffith formulated WALPOLE WONDER, "One Food Feeds It All." It does just that, and is eco-friendly by continually amending our Florida alkaline soil pH downward.

The fertilizer had no name until the late 1980's when a lawn maintenance customer came in. He had tried many types of fertilizers to green his customer's yard, had failed, tried our fertilizer and it worked! He proclaimed it WALPOLE WONDER, and the name stuck! Most people who have tried it are now using it, and most won't switch.

Enjoy our common sense tips about planting, gardening, feeding, and rehabilitating your plants, flowers, trees, tropicals, and grass.

NOTICE: Sara's Gardens was located a 4630 W. Lantana Rd., Lake Worth, Florida for over 30 years - MissKirby and Krew is VERY SORRY it’s closed.
Click here for information on how to purchase Walpole Wonder ‘WW’©® , 1FOOD4ALL outside and inside worldwide,
and Root-Ball Special ‘RBS’©, formulated to give even larger roots, stems, fruits, and flowers.
The one food to feed it all outside and inside making wonderplants for your yard and home.
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